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Posted on 01 Jul 2022 by Amy Jackson

About Support Dogs:

This national charity was established in 1992, and  is dedicated to improving and saving the lives of children and adults with challenging medical conditions. They train assistance dogs so they can provide the necessary specialist assistance for those in need.

support dogs

They have three programmes including the autism assistance dogs for children with autism, where dogs are trained so they can provide a safe environment for children whilst reducing stress in social environments.

The second programme is available for people with epilepsy, as seizure alert dogs are trained to support these people, where they will be able to offer a life saving alert, potentially 1 hour before a seizure. With this additional help, those with epilepsy can control their seizure and stay safe whilst having an independent life.

Lastly the charity trains dogs so they can support people with physical disabilities. These dogs are able to perform a range of tasks tailored to the individuals’ needs, so once again, a greater independence and safety can be achieved. 

The charity relies on voluntary donations, and doesn’t receive any government funding therefore they need your help.


How Can You Support The Charity?

The charity wouldn’t be here without their dedicated volunteers. If you have a couple of hours spare every month, they would love to have you within their organisation. You can volunteer in multiple ways, whether it is at their dog training center, at events, with the dogs themselves or are ready to set up a fundraising campaign, they would be grateful for any help they can receive. 


How To Get in Touch


If you have further questions about the organisation or their cause, you can get in touch with them by either giving them a call on  0114 261 7800 or submitting a contact form via their website.

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