What Do You Get a Fitness Enthusiast for Christmas?

Posted on 07 Dec 2018 by Anna Scott
We’re not going to pretend there’s not a huge amount of choice when it comes to gym gear and fitness accessories. Gone are the days when most of us were happy to turn up for workout in a pair of old tracksuit bottoms and spare vest – nowadays the gym is as fashion conscious as the high street. All of which is good news if you’re buying a Christmas present for someone who spends most of their spare time on the treadmill or pounding the pavements. So here are some Christmas gift ideas if you want to encourage your special someone in their fitness quest…


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Branded Activewear

There is a vast range of prices when it comes to the activewear market these days. Budget fashion retailers are getting in the act, offering gym leggings and cropped tops for those who don’t have much cash to spare, but when it comes to Christmas gifts, you want to up the name recognition a bit, right? However - and this is really important - there’s absolutely no reason you have to pay full price.

It’s incredibly easy to find discounted Nike, Adidas, Under Armour and Reebok fitness wear online if you know where to look. Sites like MandM Direct, TK Maxx and Get the Label all sell end-of season stock for very low prices. So if you know the correct size, these are all treasure troves for gym wear gifts.


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But what if you’re looking for brand new lines of branded fitness wear? We can help you with that too. Runners Need have a great saving ‘running’ until the end of December – you can currently get an extra 20% off all full-priced clothing on their site, so why not gift your fitness enthusiast a new Nike top and Asics running tights for Christmas?


Outdoor Gear for All Seasons

The thing about buying fitness-related stuff for Christmas is that you might want to take the weather into account. Most folk who are mad about running or getting out and about will do it whatever the temperature outside, but they’ll still need protecting from the elements.


winter fitness


For a larger choice of outdoor fitness gear, Blacks is a good choice. They sell running jackets, long-sleeve thermals and hoodies from big names like The North Face and Under Armour. Oh, and if you’ve never ordered before, you can get 15% off your first online Blacks purchase using our code.


Fun Outdoor Activities

But what if you want to give them a break from the gym yet still stick with an active theme? You buy them a day out that will satisfy all their need to get up and about yet might actually be a bit more fun than the average workout. Activity Superstore has a huge choice of, yes you’ve guessed it, activities, but we’re going to focus on those outdoor ones.




So how about buying them a fun day abseiling, canyoning or even ice climbing? Yes, we’re sure someone out there might consider that last one fun. Or you could get them a skiing, snowboarding or scuba diving lesson. As well as a huge amount of choice, Activity Superstore has many discounts on many more experience days, and you could save 10% by signing up to their newsletter.


Of course, the fitness ideas don’t stop there. Fitness trackers are now sold by many of our favourite retailers including Argos and Debenhams, so why not search Discount Promo Codes to see what current deals are available? Whatever you choose to buy, we can all agree that knowing someone who loves to be active is an absolute godsend when it comes to Christmas shopping.

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