4 Ways to Save Money AFTER Moving Home

Posted on 24 Jan 2018 by Anna Scott
There are lots of tips online about how to save money before buying a house or whilst your moving, but what about once all the boxes have been unpacked? The chances are your new home isn’t going to be exactly how you want it and making changes is going to involve spending a bit of money. Unfortunately, this is a time when you’re least likely to have much spare cash lying around, thanks to said move. So, what do you do? Here are a few money-saving tips that could help…


Search for Cheap Utilities Suppliers

This is one of the few times you’re in a position to pick the best value for money utilities suppliers so take a few hours to shop around and get the best deal. Lots have great incentives for new customers including cashback and free gifts and when it comes to energy suppliers, it’s worth getting quotes from smaller companies to see how they fare. Combining your broadband, TV and phone package with savings from Sky promo codes is well worth considering. Or perhaps think about cutting out the landline out altogether, and least in the short term. That’s a saving of more than £15 a month on line rental alone.


Embrace the DIY

After an exhausting move it can be so tempting to get someone is to do all the DIY jobs for you, but it can save you a HUGE amount of money doing it yourself. Be realistic about what jobs are manageable, invest in a decent tool kit and watch some DIY guides on YouTube for extra tips. You’ll be pleasantly surprised and what you can achieve yourself, and at a fraction of the cost of getting the professionals in.


Home DIY



Measure Your Curtains and Blinds Yourself

There are some well-known companies who offer an all-encompassing service when it comes to curtains and blinds. This includes measuring and fitting, but you really do pay for the privilege. Ordering the materials or ready-made curtains means and doing these things yourself means you only pay half as much. Sites like Direct Blinds offer great prices on made-to-measure blinds and they also feature lots of ‘How To...’ guides to make sure your measurements are as accurate as possible.


Put Off the Big Jobs

There are always going to be major DIY projects that need doing, but there’s no reason you have to rush into them straight away, right? Firstly, there’s the cost – if you don’t have enough money to get things EXACTLY how you want them, why spend less on something you will probably want to change in the short term? Secondly, when you move, you want to get a feel for your new home. What seemed like a great idea when you first looked around might not feel quite so wise once you’ve lived there for a few months. So, put off those big projects for a little while (unless they’re urgent of course) and save up a bit more money so you can get things just how you want them.

How to Save During the Move

If your moving day hasn't happened yet, but you want to start saving money early on in the process, Kate Windleton, Relocations Manager at Strong Move offers the following tips: "Depending on how far you're moving, you might wish to leave your furniture and large appliances behind. It can cost you more to transport them to the new location than to just buy new ones for your new home. This is especially true if you're moving to another country.

"Try to find moving boxes and packing materials from local stores or friends and family instead of buying them. Also, you can use your own items as padding or packing materials - socks, shoes and handbags can be used as padding, or you can pack items in them."


Living on a tight budget after moving house can be tough, be being smart with your spending (and DIY skills) can help in the short term. In the longer term, remember you’ll get your dream home in ship-shape condition eventually.

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