Why You Should Start Planning Your Summer Holiday Early

Posted on 21 Jan 2019 by Anna Scott
We all know the concept of ‘Blue Monday’ was thought up by a travel company to get us to book our summer holiday early, but they had a point. What better way is there to banish the January blues than to give yourself a bit of sunshine to look forward to? But even though improving your mood is a good enough reason in itself, there are plenty more benefits to early summer holiday bookings…



A Better Choice of Location and Accommodation

As with most things in life, the early bird catches the worm. When putting this in the context of booking your holiday, it means the early bird gets the best room in the best hotel in the best location. Yes, it’s always possible to find something if you leave it until the last minute, but there are no guarantees that ‘something’ is going to translate into a comfortable, enjoyable stay. Worst case scenario, it could turn into a holiday nightmare.


Go on a beach holiday this winter

But having more choice is even more important for some groups: school summer holiday spots fill up quickly, so if you have children, you need to get it sorted before the spring. If you have special needs and need accommodation with wheelchair access, then it’s important that you have as much choice as possible. And of course, if you have your heart set on a very specific spot, then it makes no sense to wait. This is the very best time of year to book with companies such as Thomas Cook because you’ll have your pick of all the packages as well as taking advantage of those January prices…



Early Bird Holiday Deals

But let’s get down to the nitty gritty – for some people, booking a holiday is all about find the best bargain. But doesn’t this mean leaving it until the last minute? Perhaps it used to, but not anymore. That’s not to say deals aren’t available for short-notice travel, but some of the very best ones can be found as soon as we’ve waved goodbye to the festive period.


backpacking scenery


For example, P&O Cruises offer up to £200 off Early Saver packages at this time of year. And these types of savings aren’t limited to package holiday providers either. If you’re planning a DIY trip with STA Travel, you might be interested to know you can get a 20% discount off selected adventure trips until the end of January.



Focus on the Sunshine

But back to our original point. For some, surviving January (and February for that matter) is the driving force throughout winter. If you don’t book your holiday soon, there’s a danger that you’ll keep putting it off until it’s too late. There’s no need to fork out huge amount of money right now as many travel companies have low deposit incentives and let you spread your payments across the next few months. So what are you waiting for? It’s a sure-fire way to improve your Blue Monday mood.


Think about home as much as the holiday

Preparing for holiday is as much about your home as it is your destination. You must plan ahead of time so that you can leave, and come home to a happy home that is in working order. One thing to think about is pets. Dogshare say you must always think "what about the family dog? ... Leaving your plans until last minute can make things very difficult if you need to find a minder for your family dog, this is particularly relevant during school holidays and other busy public holiday periods of the year when kennels and minders are booked up quickly."


What ever type of holiday you prefer, here at Discount Promo Codes, we can find you a saving. Be it a Mediterranean package deal, a coastal cottage in the UK or a long-haul luxury adventure, just search our travel pages to see what’s currently available.

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