Stick to those New Year’s resolutions with our ROK Electronic Cigarettes, Graze and Halfords discount codes

Posted on 15 Jan 2016 by Anna Scott
For those struggling, our ROK Electronic Cigarettes discount codes, Graze discount codes and Halfords discount codes can help you pass this difficult January halfway mark. Whatever your New Year’s resolutions in 2016, hitting a brick wall can be tough, but if you’ve got the motivation and inspiration, you CAN pull through. Luckily, there are some online savings available to bring you back from the brink…


Quitting Smoking

ROK Legend ecigarette + FREE CASEOne of the most popular New Year’s resolutions and probably the most important one you can succeed in. There is plenty of help out there in many forms, be it from your GP, chemist or support from friends and relatives, but many people chose to go down the route of the electronic cigarette. We have a ROK Electronic Cigarettes promotional code that could help if you’re just starting out – head on over to our ROK Electronic Cigarettes promo codes page to enjoy half price on selected medium and low strength tips and refills until the end of January, and this saving might just give you the motivation your need to keep going in your aim to quit.


Healthier Eating

January is now the traditional dieting month, but it comes as no surprise to find out the majority of diets don’t deliver the long term changes people desire. Making small changes can sometimes give you a better chance of success and with our Graze discount voucher, you a make a small but very important alteration to your diet. Cutting out the unhealthy snacks and replacing them with tasty but nutritious snacks in the form of nuts, dried fruits and seeds can work wonders, and with our current Graze promo code, you can claim a free Graze box to get your started – subscribe and then get them delivered direct to your door and you might find you’ll be keeping the not-so-healthy snacks at bay permanently.


Taking Up a New Hobby

Fixie BikesExpanding your horizons presents you with SO many choices, it can sometimes be overwhelming and you’d be forgiven for being tempted to just give up on the entire thing. Whether it’s a craft hobby or a new sport, we’ve got plenty of online savings for you (just check out our categories here and here), but there’s one hobby-related discount available right now that’s just too good not to mention – check out our Halfords promo codes page and you’ll find a current Halfords discount code that saves you 10% on all bike purchases, and as far as new hobbies go, you can’t get any healthier and inspiring than cycling. But if you want to take up something a little less exhausting as a new hobby then that’s ok too.


So if you feel like you’re starting to wane when it comes to all those New Year’s resolutions, just dip into our ROK Electronic Cigarettes promo codes, Graze promo codes and Halfords promo codes, or indeed any of our other savings, and you might find something that can keep you going through the hard slog that is January.


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