Gardeners Guide: How to Save on Your Summer Garden

Posted on 12 Jul 2019 by Emily Atkinson-Dalton
If you want to get a beautiful summer garden without the pain of spending hours trying to find what you need in expensive garden centres, then you’ve come to the right place. By shopping online with our vouchers and offers, you can find a huge range of vibrant, colourful and fragrant flowers and plants as well as everything you need to complete your beautiful garden from sheds to shears. Whether you are a green-fingered goddess or a gardening beginner, you can create the perfect summer garden to compliment your summer feeling, with savings on big garden buildings, seeds, plants, tools and many more garden essentials. Find out how to keep your garden looking luxurious all summer during rain and shine, and whether you want to entertain guests for summer barbeques or relax in the sun solo, you can find the perfect garden for you. 


1. Take Advantage of Free Expert Advice  

The first step to building your summer garden, is to plan, plan, plan. That includes planning where you want to build what (for example, if you want a vegetable garden or a social area with benches and tables), what flowers and colour scheme you want for your garden and how you might want to change it over the year. Some common summer garden favourites include: 

  • Evergreens: Having plants and flowers which stay in bloom all year round, not only means less work and money but also that you will have at least some beautiful plants in bloom no matter the season. Some popular evergreen shrubs include lavender, camelia and Inkberry Holly. 

  • Summer Colours: Getting a colour scheme is especially important for the summer season, when you will likely have guests over and the sun will be shining on your beautiful flowers. Getting compatible colours such as reds, yellow and oranges or blues, purples and pinks will make your garden come together like a perfect painting. 

  • Hardy Plants & Flowers: If you are a new gardener, or are just getting geared up to make your summer garden the best its ever been, then try to firstly stick to hardy plants before getting those which may be harder to care for. Some beautiful and popular hardy plants include lilac, foxgloves and hydrangeas. 

Take advantage of free online guides and magazines which will help you with specific gardening tips and guides as to how, where and when to plant your summer garden. With our Suttons Seeds, Dobies and B&Q discount codes, you can find free online gardeners guides with expert gardeners and botanists who offer free fantastic tricks, tips and advice. 





2.  Invest in Gorgeous Garden Buildings & Furniture

From luxury summer houses to keep cool in the summer, to high quality sheds to keep all your gardening equipment safe; getting top quality garden buildings can make or break your beautiful garden. These big investments don’t need to be extravagant, but rather finding the garden building that suits your garden can mean creating the perfect functional centrepiece for your garden. Whether you want a luxury picnic area with tables and benches, a beautiful swinging seat to relax in the summer or a large garden shed, you can find the perfect garden furnishings without spending a fortune. But how do you go about finding perfect garden furniture which is within your budget? 


Top Tips on Finding Affordable Garden Furniture

  • Find Discounts: Argos is one of the leading UK stores for everything to make your home and garden gorgeous, so it should come as no surprise that our Argos discount codes are a must-have when it comes to re-vamping your garden. Find a variety of sheds, summer houses, benches and home furnishings at bargain prices, with deals such as 20% off all garden furniture or BBQs for under £10.

  • Take Advantage of Multi-Functional Furniture: As well as the practical garden buildings such as sheds and the more social garden furnishings such as benches, you can also find a variety of furniture which has multiple functions. Discover benches and tables which not only look stylish, but also act as storage for your gardening bits and bobs! 

  • Consider Weather & Longevity: One of the key things to consider when investing in new garden furniture, is how long it will last. Don’t throw money away by getting flimsy furniture or garden buildings which will be damaged by the weather. Extreme heat and dry weather can cause wooden sheds to splinter or crack, whereas strong winds can affect aluminium and cause roofs to go flying. Do some research on which material is best for your garden furnishings and invest in long-lasting garden essentials. 


3. Find Fantastic Garden Tools for Less

If you’ve ever had a lawnmower pack up on you or a rusty hedge trimmer which takes hours to get the desired result, then you’ll know how important top-quality gardening equipment is. At Dobies, you can get expert lawn care and garden equipment from the best brands such as Cobra, and AL-KO and Greenforce. Get everything you need to make your lawn greener, your bushes and hedges trimmed and your weeds gone with their collection of garden essentials from the basics to the specialist tools for avid gardeners. However, big brands don’t have to mean big prices, as when you shop with our Dobies promo codes you can get money off even the best-selling garden essentials. 

When you explore our Dobies money saving offers, you can enjoy a variety of fantastic discounts. For example, you can enjoy a 10% discount on your next order just by signing up to the mailing list, which will also get you exclusive membership discounts all year round. Get your green fingers going with membership deals and offers on a variety of gardening essentials. 




4. Save on Summer Seeds

The staple to every garden is the collection of beautiful plants and flowers which burst with luxury scents and vibrant colours. From rustic auburn tones for the autumn to bright purples and yellows for the summer, arranging and caring for your plants and flowers is the key to a happy, hearty garden. First and foremost, getting good quality seeds which will actually grow, means that you aren’t wasting your money. Avoid disappointment by shopping at places such as Suttons Seeds, who offer a quality guarantee and trial all their seeds and bulbs to ensure that you get the most out of your gardening collection. 


Top Tips to Save on Seeds for Every Season

  • Sign Up to the Scheme: If you are part of a gardening group or community garden society, then not only is it a great way to get tips from fellow green fingered friends, but you can get savings on your garden essentials too! Sign up to the Garden Societies Scheme with Suttons Seeds and save on tools, seeds and more. 

  • Cut the Cost by Shopping Online: You might be used to browsing the local garden centres for beautiful plants, flowers and seeds to shop for. However, in this modern age, the best way to shop for your garden without spending a fortune is by stocking up online. Using our Suttons Seeds discount codes, you can get offers such as 50% off hundreds of beautiful plants and flowers, or 20% off your next order with an exclusive code.

  • Multi-Buy Savings: Getting more seeds with a wider variety is a great way to save money. With our online discounts, you can get offers such as 3 for £2 on seed packets and seeds from just 99p. The more you buy from top retailers, the more likely you are to get a range of beautiful flowers which will bloom in time for your summer garden. 

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