Marmite – We Clearly Can’t Cope Without It

Posted on 14 Oct 2016 by Anna Scott
If yesterday’s social media meltdown was anything to go by, removing Marmite from UK supermarket shelves and websites was national-crisis-level stuff. Forget petrol shortages – depriving us of our favourite yeast extract spread is clearly the thing to do if you want to upset a lots of Brits. But now the emergency is apparently over after Tesco and Unilever sat down over a cup of tea (but sadly not toast to accompany it) and resolved their issues, you will now hopefully be able to order Marmite and their other products using Tesco promo codes in a couple of days.


MarmiteBut all these shenanigans got us thinking about other products that have the power to divide the nation (we’re not going to pretend that every Brit adores to stuff). Here are a few things that might also cause national outcry/celebration if they were ever taken off shelves, but we doubt we’ll ever see a crisis of Marmite proportions any time soon…



StiltonSome folk adore it and scoff the stuff on crackers with abandon, others not so much. In fact, they can smell it a mile off and will refuse to set foot on your property if there is a whiff of Stilton on the premises. Maybe. Yes, Stilton is a strong flavour and for some it can be difficult to stomach, but once you’ve tried it with some delicious chutney then you might start to see it in a whole different light – try Pong Cheese discount codes for a fine selection to choose from.



Liquorice allsortsSweets are supposed to be a treat, right? Yet liquorice is still found on confectionary shelves. Hmmmm… you can probably tell what side we fall on this particular issue. This has much to do with a longstanding childhood memory of tucking into a sherbet fountain, biting down on a liquorice stick and thinking it must have been some sort of cruel trick on behalf of the sweet company.


Brussel Sprouts

Brussel sproutsOne of the few classic British staples where you don’t get a choice. It doesn’t matter if every single member of a household cannot abide the things – they will still get served on Christmas Day, as sure as sure can be. But we think many of the horrors associated with Brussel Sprouts come from the fact that a lot of people were forced to eat bland, overcooked ones as children. When prepared with a bit of crunch left in them and fried up with some bacon bits, they can be rather delicious so why not do the unthinkable and try before Christmas – just use Ocado promotional codes to save a few pounds in the process.



Marzipan cake decorationThis week’s theme on The Great British Bake Off was ‘Tudor’ and their showstopper task involved creating marzipan masterpieces. We can guarantee that this got half the nation’s mouths watering and the other half frowning at the screen in disgust. Marzipan – one of the few cake-related foodstuffs that has negative connotations. And yet, like those sprouts, it still gets brought out every Christmas.



Mixed olivesOk, so they’re not really a traditional British food, but they have become a favourite part of our country’s snacking staples as well as being a bit of a ‘Marmite’ item. Generally speaking, if you like savoury, salty snacks then you probably can’t resist scoffing a bowl of olives when they’re put in front of you. But for many other people, this is a cue to request another drink and politely move them to one side.



So once the Marmite situation is back to some degree of normality (so that’s 50 percent of the population loving it and 50 percent loathing it), be grateful for the favourites you can get hold of, and just pray we’ll never have a cheese shortage.

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