5 Things We Want to Avoid when Christmas Shopping

Posted on 21 Nov 2016 by Julian House
Christmas is fast approaching and as December nears annual shoppers will race around their favourite retailers searching for bargains. You’ll be fleeing in and out of shops while simultaneously avoiding the German Market hustle and bustle.

 Even the most enthusiastic festive shoppers will have their pet peeves during this busy time. As much fun as shopping for loved one is, it can take hours, days and even weeks to get everything we need. What things do we hate about shopping and how can we avoid it?


The Crowds

It’s a bittersweet part of festivities; on one hand it’s great to see everybody in their festive element. Christmas spirit is flying high as you order your big glass of German beer and enjoy the markets on display. The decorations remind you that 25th December is rapidly approaching and the Christmas songs blasting out will soon get you in the mood. But after weeks of preparing all of your gifts, these things can be come rather tedious. The crowds no longer represent an abundance of spirit; they’re all just obstacles in the way of non-stop shopping that needs to be carried out. As you dart around some of these casual shoppers who like to dawdle or suddenly halt in front of you can frustrate even the most optimistic of shoppers.

 The Crowd

The Queues

If you can find one person who enjoys queuing, I’d like to meet them! The closer it gets to Christmas, the further these queues multiply. It’s not just a queue in a shop; they’re widespread this time of year. You’ll have to queue in traffic on the way into busy city centres, queue at the cashpoint before reaching the shops and then queue for your item. Those stores that have three cashiers and three queues, you end up choosing one and looking to the others, just to check that you made the right choice. More often than not, you probably haven’t, but what ever you do, don’t switch! Try to get a train into town and remember to get all the money you need before reaching the busy spots.



Out of Stock

This will happen a lot, especially if you are looking for something that’s been advertised on television. Often children’s toys are the worst for this, they have so many things go out of stock, it’s well worth checking that the store has it before you arrive and see if it’s possible to reserve it. Argos often allow consumers to reserve an item before their arrival. Another option would be to use our Hawkins Bazaar promo codes and get their favourite toys, collectibles and games online without any hassle.

Sold out


High Prices

It’s not all high prices, but as you accumulate all of your Christmas expenditure it does get pricey. It can make a devastating effect on your wallet and it might be worth scouting for promotions beforehand. Our team of experts spend everyday doing this and if you can’t find any, then simply allow our staff to do the hard work for you. You’ll get every gift, fragrance, toy and product that you could dream of with our codes, so use Argos discount codes to save yourself money.



Christmas Songs

This is one of those things that you can’t avoid in December, the problem is it’s not just December that hosts these songs. Many of them begin from early November. Celebrations continue to get earlier every year, before we know it, we will be anticipating festive celebrations by February. Make the most of the music and get into the spirit. If you don’t like the constant music ringing out, then you are probably a Grinch. Either that, or you work in retail and have to listen to the same CD 24-7.

Christmas Songs

How can you avoid all of these pet hates placed above? Yes, you guessed it, internet shopping. By purchasing all your goods online or at least a good chunk, you will avoid the bad weather, the queues, Christmas songs, high prices and the all-round hassle. It might be worth enjoying the best of both worlds with online and in-store shopping sprees. Get organised this year as you start planning your presents, it could be worth writing a budget down too. Act on some of our Boots promotional codes to bypass all of the things you don’t like about Christmas shopping.



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