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Posted on 30 Jun 2023 by Emily Atkinson-Dalton
WorkingRite is one of three charities participating in the Discount Promo Codes charity poll this July.  If you have yet to vote in the poll, can’t decide who to vote for or just want to find out more about these incredible causes, then read on to find out more about this Scottish based charity helping young people who are facing significant challenges, but all have the goal of securing a job and being a successful and contributing adult in their local community. Find out what they do, why they need the donation and how you can support them below.

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What Does WorkingRite Do? 

WorkingRite was established in Leith by Sandy Campbell in 2008 with a pilot programme supporting young males leaving school in the local community who wanted to work but didn’t have the skills or experience to get there.  Today they support young people, girls and boys, in projects across Scotland – Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Argyll & Bute and East Ayrshire.

In summary, this is WorkingRite:

  • Why do they do it?

    • Because too many young people leave school having disengaged and underachieved.

    • They feel a duty to change this.

  • What do they do?

    • They coach and mentor young people (15-25) who need additional support to achieve their potential as successful adults.

  • How do they do it?

Their programmes are the bridge between school and work.

    • Rite to Work - the bespoke in-school programme prepares and develops young people across their entire S4 academic year in readiness for their next step.

    • Core - the 16+ work-based programme seamlessly transitions them to a tailored, mentored match with local businesses, overwhelmingly resulting in jobs and careers.

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On Your Side Mentoring - providing on-going support for young people as they negotiate their route towards a thriving adulthood, through matching them with adult mentors for a minimum of one year.Together these programmes create a working Rite of passage for young people across Scotland.

Rite to Work. This programme was piloted in East Ayrshire and Edinburgh in partnership with 5 secondary schools.  It is now developing in those areas and will extend into Argyll, Aberdeen and Glasgow over the next 3-5 years.  Around 20% of young people leave school with few if any qualifications and without the personal skills and experience they need to find a job.  The focus is working alongside schools providing a one day a week programme of support for pupils (S4, age 15), who have disengaged from academic learning, during their last year before they reach school leaving age.  In the pilot projects, 83% of young people taking part moved into a job or apprenticeship at the end of the programme.

Core programme. This is the central pillar of WorkingRite’s programmes and every young person takes part in it.  They deliver this programme across Scotland. There are two stages. The induction phase (2-6 weeks) that helps young people set goals, identify what sector they want to work in and do specific training for that line of work.  This is then followed by the work placement (12-16 weeks) where each young person is placed with a local business to learn ‘on-the-job’ with a workplace mentor to support them. Over 90% of young people starting the programme gain an accredited training certificate.

On Your Side Mentoring. This is a new programme and is currently being piloted in Glasgow.  Towards the end of the programme, young people are given the choice about being matched with an adult mentor (outwith WorkingRite) to meet up with them and be there to provide support and advice as they continue their journey as young working adults. On Your Side Mentoring will be extended to all the charity’s project areas over the next 3-5 years.

To find out more about WorkingRite visit their Website.

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How Can I Support WorkingRite?

While you’re here on the Discount Promo Codes website, head to the homepage and vote for WorkingRite to win a donation of 20% of the sites profits this month!  It takes just a few seconds – all you need to do is click on WorkingRite in the poll on the right hand side (at the bottom if you’re on a mobile).

There are other ways you can support WorkingRite:

Donate: The charity relies on donations, sponsorship and community fundraising for over 40% of its’ funding every year.  That’s almost £8,000 every week. If you want to donate, visit their donation page. 

Partner with them: Working alongside partners is a vital part of WorkingRite’s ethos and they are always delighted to have a corporate partner or be a nominated charity of the year.  To find out more visit their Partnerships page.

Provide a placement: Over 250 small local businesses provide 8-12 week work placements for young people on the WorkingRite programme each year.  For more information, visit their placement provider page. 

Become a Mentor: When a young person successfully completes the programme they are offered the opportunity to have a volunteer mentor for up to a year.  To find out more visit their On Your Side Mentoring page.


Where Can I Find Out More about WorkingRite?

If you would like to contact WorkingRite for more information, please email [email protected]. You can keep up to date with WorkingRite’s programmes via the following links:






Do young people have your vote?  If so, visit our Homepage and you will see the poll on the right hand side (or at the bottom on a mobile device).  Cast your free vote by the end of July – and don’t forget to share the poll with your friends, family and work colleagues.

Vote, share, save money and raise money this July and give young people the future they deserve.

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