Spend Less on Spooks: How to Save on Halloween Fun for All the Family

Posted on 27 Sep 2019 by Anna Scott
As we prepare to wave goodbye to September, there’s no way you can avoid the next dose of fun on the horizon. Now is the time of year when shops are full of witches’ hats, dangly spiders and multipacks of retro sweets. Yes, Halloween is almost here and it’s time to start planning. We’ve put together some hints and tips you can make use of, whether you’re on an incredibly tight budget or want to splash out on something specific but don’t want to spend an absolute fortune…


Kids’ Halloween Dress Up

As exciting as it can be for our little ones, there are times you might wonder whether there is much point in spending so much money on something that will probably only be worn once. Which is a fair point. If you’re lucky, they might get another wear out of it on World Book Day (depending on their favourite book, of course), but often that new Halloween costume purchase is for one night of trick or treating only. So, what do you do if you want to find a cheaper alternative this year?

Swap and Save

There’s one thing for sure – you won’t be the only parent thinking this. So why not pool your resources? If you know some other mums and dads who have a few years’ worth of Halloween kids’ costumes sitting in the bottom of a wardrobe, this is a great opportunity to swap and save and you’ll have no outlay whatsoever.


kids costume

DIY Halloween Costumes

There are two kinds of homemade Halloween costume – the ones created by very talented, very creative people with a lot of time to spare, and those that are very much made at the last minute with whatever you can get your hands one. And we’re going to be focusing very much on the latter. So what can you do on a small budget? The classic zombie is an easy option, because all you really need is some old clothes and a decent pair of scissors. Or the combination of black leggings, a black top and some fabric paint means you can create an easy skeleton outfit with minimal effort. And don’t forget, Halloween costumes are no longer limited to just spooky spectacles. Pretty much any fictional character can pass as a Halloween outfit these days, so why not go with a basic themed hoodie (such as dinosaur) and add a few flourishes to it?

Halloween Costume Deals

But then there are also times when only a proper costume will do. Perhaps your child has a favourite fictional character or has had their eye on a certain outfit for weeks. But don’t despair, it’s possible to find some great online bargains if you know where to look. Our Hamleys discount codes are a great source of Harry Potter dress up items and here you can pick up a Gryffindor Robe from just £20. In the run up to Halloween, keep an eye out for even more price reductions.


Halloween Fun for Big Kids

Kids aren’t the only ones who need a bit of Spooktacular Halloween magic. Some adults like to go the whole hog and put huge amounts of effort into their Halloween costume too. And then there are others who just need a passing reference so they’re not accused of making no effort whatsoever. Again, we’ve catered for both right here…

Halloween Slogan Tees

Perhaps you want to join in the Halloween fun, but just aren’t a fancy-dress person. That’s ok, not everyone is. And it’s for these people that our I Want One of Those promo codes cater to. This company has a huge choice of slogan tees, hoodies and sweatshirts at any time of the year, so it makes sense that Halloween is well-represented too. From ‘Resting Witch Face’ to ‘Squad Ghouls’, these are the ideal if you want to join in the treat or treating fun with your kids but don’t want to go full Halloween.


Halloween slogan sweatshirt

More Fun Halloween Costumes and Gifts

Looking for something a bit more in the spirit of things? For an outfit with a difference, our Menkind promo codes can help you this Halloween. We particularly love their Sumo Suit (currently reduced from £30 to £25), or you can gift the Halloween lover in your life with one of their many Pennywise figurines.

Of course, there’s a bit more to Halloween than just costumes. Super organised spooks will be checking out the prices of those retro sweets already, and you can find lots of suppliers and savings here on Discount Promo Codes. And if you’re REALLY organised, then you might also be starting to think about Christmas too. Fall into this category? Stayed tuned for our future post on how to start saving those pennies for this year’s Christmas shopping list.

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