Save on your winter car accessories with promo codes from Halfords, Bang Good and Autosessive

Posted on 20 Jan 2016 by Anna Scott
Thankfully, there are plenty of Halfords promo codes, Bang Good promo codes and Autosessive promo codes available at this time of year, the traditional season of having to leave of work half an hour earlier than usual to give you enough time to defrost the car. Up until now, our UK winter has been unusually clement and it’s only in the last few days we’ve been reminded of the fun to be had scrapping the windscreen until your fingers are about to fall off. But we’re here to make the whole process a bit easier, so read on to see how you can save on all your essential winter car accessories…


image of Halfords Advanced All Seasons Car Cover Extra LargeGod bless Halfords, or more specifically, our Halfords discount codes, because you can always find some sort of motor related saving on that particular page. In fact, our favourite Halfords promotional code right now is the ultimate motor-related saving, getting you a generous 10% off all things motoring. But it’s only for today only! (that’s 20th January 2016 in case you were wondering). So strike while the iron’s hot (and the car isn’t) and save on a Halfords Frost Guard (£5 before discount), Halfords Advanced All Seasons Car Cover (£49.99 before discount) and a Winter Car Essentials Bundle (£3.50 before discount).


Water Cube Plush Car Steering Wheel Cover Interior Grip 38CM for Winter Autumn If you’re yet to visit our Bang Good discount codes page then you’ve been missing out. This online retailer has savings on what appears to be pretty much everything home and tech related so it comes as no surprise to find that we’ve got a Bang Good discount voucher that gets you an extra 8% off the winter car accessories range. This particular saving is perfect for those items that are more comfort-related such as a Heated Cushion Electric Heating Pad (£10.76 before discount) and Water Cube Plush Car Steering Wheel Cover (£8.97 before discount), or if you want something a bit more practical, and let’s face it, essential, you can save on a Snow Brush Ice Scraper (£2.86 before discount).


SnowGecko Snow Socks - Small 61397At this time of year you need to stock up your car with all sorts of paraphernalia that can get you out a tricky spot, and with our Autosessive discount codes you can bulk up on all the antifreeze you could ever require. Use our Autosessive promo code to save an additional 5% on your order and consider purchasing the Comma XStream G48 Antifreeze and Coolant Concentrate 1L (£5.39 before discount), or if you want something to get you out of an even tighter, snowier spot, you can use this saving to order their Snow Gecko Snow Socks (from £53.99 before discount) – by the way, these are for the wheels of your car, not your feet.


It’s no fun being stuck with a freezing cold car, but thankfully our Halfords promo codes, Bang Good promo codes and Autosessive promo codes can make the whole situation that much easier to get out of.
























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