5 of The Best Easy Diet Hacks For Weight Loss

Posted on 27 Jan 2017 by Julian House
You’ve heard it all, from fad dieting to crazy workout videos but what if the answer to losing weight is right in front of you? Here we give you some easy lifestyle hacks that could help you lose weight.


January is filled with resolutions, crash dieting and rash ways of trying to get fit, but what about making slight lifestyle alterations and implementing things that could help you become a healthier version of yourself?


Drinking Water

It sounds ever-so simple, and that’s because it is! It won’t help you shed a stone in a month or make you superhuman but it’s a healthy implementation that could not only contribute to a healthier lifestyle but also speed up your weight-loss.


  • - A glass of water upon waking can speed up your metabolism

  • - Your brain is 75% water, and drinking more could help fuel your brain

  • - Flushes out toxins and subsequently balances hormones and keeps you energised


Have a Hot Drink

For dieters, a hot drink can be a little bit of a pleasure and in this case it doesn’t have to be a guilty one. For those looking to enjoy nutrients and simultaneously lose weight, green tea could be for you. But this one’s not just for tea bellies, coffee-lovers can also enjoy their morning cup.



  • - Green tea has catcheins that help burn fat

  • - Coffee can speed up your metabolism

  • - Both drinks are tasty and a great morning energy boost


Monitor Your Exercise

The aim of weight-loss is to eat at a calorie deficit, which simply means burning more calories than you eat. It sounds so much easier than it actually is, but with the latest wrist gadgets, it’s now possible to monitor your steps, heart-rate and general exercise activity. Use the Currys promo codes for the 10% off all fitness trackers deal.



  • - You can take-part in the 10,000 step challenge

  • - Monitor your heart-rate to find out how hard you are working

  • - Find out exactly how many calories you have burnt in a day

Debunk Myths

It’s key to educate yourself, there’s a number of books and articles that can help you avoid the fads. One huge myth is that all fats are bad, when in-fact they play a pivotal part in energy, hormones and losing weight. For far too long saturated fats have received a cold reception, but there are many reasons for the bad rep’. The known phenomenon of fast-food is one of the reasons, as well as the sugar industry. Enjoy good fats, such as avocado, nuts, seeds, coconut oil and fish oils.




  • - You’ll shift the ‘bad’ fat and lose weight

  • - Increased energy

  • - You can avoid the bad oils in your cooking by substituting with organic coconut oil

Enjoy Exercising

Exercise and diet are the kind of buzz-words that make you give in to your aims before they even start. Why not, implement some of the tips above and then enjoy your old hobbies. Maybe not even old, maybe take up some new ones. You can join a sport or activity local to you. Some new fun things to do include indoor rock climbing, bouldering, long-walks, running clubs, mixed martial arts, paintballing and diving. Many of these activities are more-accessible than they sound, indulge in the latest Virgin Experience Days discount codes to find your new hobby. 


  • - It’s fun and you will forget you’re exercising

  • - It’s a great way to spend quality time with others

  • - You can enjoy a new adventure for the weekend

These simple tips can be added into your daily or weekly routine and rather than making unrealistic aims that can’t be met, you will be slowly enjoying weight-loss techniques. If you are wondering what the best way to lose weight is, then start using this advice to incorporate long-term changes into your life.

Please Note- before making any changes to your diet you should consult your doctor or a medical practitioner.

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