Which is the Cheapest Supermarket?

Posted on 19 Aug 2019 by Mary-Ellen Simper
The average household in the U.K spends around £60 a week and about £3150 a year on groceries. This is a large amount of money but if you do your research and shop in the right place you can save yourself a large amount of money on your food shop. Using mySupermarket we have compared all of the top supermarkets to see which one offers you the best price for an average weekly shop. From our research, Lidl leads the way for the cheapest weekly basket costing just £54.85, which is significantly less than its competitors. 


How Did We Compare Supermarket Prices?

Using data gathered by the independent supermarket website mySupermarket, we created a shopping list of the 35 most commonly purchased groceries by households in the U.K. We then created a basket of the 35 items and used mySupermaket’s comparison tool to see which supermarket is the cheapest for an average weekly shop. To keep it fair we did not include any promotional offers or sale items.

Supermarket Infographic


Top Tips to Save Money on Your Shop


Use a shopping list 

This may sound obvious but if you stick to a preplanned list then you will only be purchasing what you need. If you go without a list then your shop will most likely be random and you will end up spending money on unnecessary items. 


Watch out for deals 

Although they might seem like a bargain, lots of deals don't actually offer you that much value and you can end up buying extra food unnecessarily, This is a trick lots of supermarkets use to make you spend more so you just need to be vigilant and try to stick to your list. 


Leave the kids at home 

Research says that on average kids add an extra £15.50 to the basket when they go shopping with you. If you are on a budget then it might be a good idea to go shopping without them to prevent any additional items being added to the basket unnecessarily. 


Downgrade to cheaper alternatives 

Everybody loves big brands but most supermarkets offer alternatives at much cheaper prices. Next time you are about to buy a branded item have a look to see if there are any cheaper choices as this can save you a lot of money. 


Use a comparison site 

Before you go shopping use mySupermarket to make a price comparison of your shopping. This site will show you how much your shopping will cost at each of the supermarkets and you can then use the cheapest one for you. 


Use your leftovers 

This may sound simple but the majority of houses don’t reuse their leftovers. You could reuse them in your next meal or even freeze them for a later date and this will mean that you won't have to repurchase items so regularly. 


The Best Supermarket Offers

You can also save even more money on your shopping by taking advantage of our supermarket special offers here at Discount Promo Codes. Lots of supermarkets offer a huge saving on your first online order, so it is a great idea to use these welcome offers as you can make a great saving. Some of the best offers include an Asda promotional code which gives you £20 off your first order over £50, a Waitrose promo code for £20 off an £80 order and an Ocado discount voucher which gives 30% off for new customers. If you would like to use one of the welcome offers then just follow the link to our promo codes. 





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