Why Gift Experiences Make the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

Posted on 28 Mar 2017 by Anna Scott
It’s edging closer, so what almost-last minute Mother’s Day gift ticks all the perfect present boxes whilst still arriving in time? The answer to this question is, of course, the gift experience. A voucher that contains their passport to an interesting and fun day out, with not too much pressure attached as to when they can use it – in short, the perfect Mother’s Day present for both giver and recipient. But with so much choice available, what types of gift experiences might best suit your Mum’s tastes? Here are a few ideas you can mull over, but don’t leave it too long…


Vineyard tour


The Classic Afternoon Tea

This gourmet activity has garnered a somewhat chic and trendy reputation in recent years, making it the perfect give for mums young and slightly more mature. Most reputable gift experience providers now offer afternoon tea packages at many different types of venues up and down the UK from cat cafes to stately homes, and you can get a large selection to choose from with Buy a Gift, made even better now you can save 15% on your order with their special Mother’s Day discount code.


A Trip to the Theatre

Theatre tickets are notoriously pricey if left to the last minute (especially when it comes to the most popular shows), but gift experiences can offer a way to save money by planning in advance. These sorts of packages often come with meals included too, with you pre-paying for the lot and the person you’ve gifted it to booking their seats at a later date. And you never know, if you buy one for your mum, you might be the person she asks to accompany her. Not that this is the reason you’d be giving it to her in the first place. Not at all…


A Sense of Adventure

A lot of mums don’t want pampering or tea. They’d much rather get stuck in and so something a bit more adventurous, and luckily there’s plenty of this sort of thing available too. Buy a Gift have zip-lining over the peaks of Snowdonia, a Segway rally, helicopter tours, flying lessons and skydiving experiences galore, so if your mother would much rather be jumping out of a plane than travelling on one, you know where to go.


A Vineyard Tour

English wine has come a long way in the last decade or so and some of our sparkling wines now rival those of Champagne in terms of quality. One attractive feature English vineyards have over their European neighbours is that they’re so much closer to us UK residents for visiting purposes, and thankfully gift experience providers have now jumped on the vineyard tour bandwagon and have plenty of choice available for budding connoisseurs. Buy a Gift offer a package that lets you pick form seven different vineyard tours across the UK including a producer in Yorkshire and a vineyard in Devon. So whether your Mum lives close to any of these locations or she’s planning a visit soon, this is the perfect gift if she’s a wine lover.


And of course, there’s the very best thing about buying any gift experience as a Mother’s Day present – the fact that you can leave it until the very last minute!

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