Face your fears with promo codes from Red Letter Days, Virgin Experience Days and DoSomethingDifferent.com

Posted on 20 Oct 2015 by Anna Scott
Did you know that today marks the end of the official Face Your Fears Week? We think facing your fears is good advice all year round, and with our Red Letter Days promo codes, Virgin Experience Days promo codes and DoSomethingDifferent.com promo codes, you can celebrate this occasion by booking an adventurous experience that will take you out of your comfort zone in the best possible way. So whether it’s heights, animals or something on a grander scale, we think you’ll find a challenge that can help you face those fears head on…

50% off Helicopter Pleasure Flight and St. Ives HikeLet’s start with a fairly common and more than understandable fear – heights. We’re going to tackle this one by suggesting you use our Red Letter Days discount codes to go ahead and book one of their flying-themed days, because with current Red Letter Days promo codes you can save up to 50% off selected flying experiences – it’s almost as if the universe is willing you on! For those who aren’t ready to take the plunge just yet, how about getting 2 for the price of 1 on a 30 Minute Flight Simulator Experience in Lincolnshire (was £200, now £100)? Or if you think you’re ready for even headier heights, book a Helicopter Pleasure Flight and St. Ives Hike and enjoy 50% off (was £130, now £65).

Tiger Encounter for Two at Dartmoor ZooA fear of animals can refer to many different things. For example, it’s quite understandable and (and let’s face it, quite sensible) if you’re a bit scared of tigers, so we think many people could enjoy, and benefit from booking a Tiger Encounter For Two at Dartmoor Zoo (was £298, now £149) using our Virgin Experience Days discount codes. Here you can get up to 79% off selected experiences and there’s plenty of animal-themed days to choose from. So if you’re scared of birds, why not brace yourself for a Falconry Taster (was £39, now only £19.50 with Virgin Experience Days promo codes), or for those who get a bit creeped out by under-the-sea creatures, how about the Keeper for a Day at Sealife in Brighton for Two (was £260, now £200)?

Skydive3And now we get to the big leaps of faith. Literally in the case of skydiving. Our DoSomethingDifferent.com discount codes are for those of you who are planning, or have already booked, an international trip and are looking for challenges to conquer once you get there. With these DoSomethingDifferent.com promo codes, you can save 5% on all bookings, so take your pick form hundreds of adventures around the globe, including a Table Mountain Abseil (£53 before discount), a Great White Shark Cage Dive in Cape Town (£109 before discount) or, yes, a Queenstown Skydive in New Zealand (£137 before discount). And if you’re scared of heights too, flying to your destination means you’re killing two birds with one stone!

Facing your fears has never looked so appealing when you see the prices available with our Red Letter Days discount codes, Virgin Experience Days discount codes and DoSomethingDifferent.com discount codes, so why not celebrate the end of Face Your Fears Week by booking that adventure?


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