Cast Your Support For Sheffield Mind This May in Honour of Mental Health Awareness Week

Posted on 26 Apr 2021 by Amy Jackson
Sheffield Mind LogoEvery year in England, one in four people will experience a mental health problem of some kind. Sheffield Mind is a registered charity (276108) and Local Mind Association (LMA) affiliated to the national charity. They have been providing services in Sheffield for over 40 years, and are constantly working to develop and deliver services that complement those in the statutory sector. Sheffield Mind's vision is to ensure that everyone experiencing a mental health problem gets the support and respect they deserve. To that end, they have been working with those who are hard to reach in communities which have traditionally failed to engage with services, but in which there are higher than average incidences of mental ill health.

Key to all their work is positive promotion and awareness raising. By improving understanding of mental health conditions, the charity has helped reduce the stigma and negativity associated with mental health and encouraged local people to speak more openly about their conditions.


Sheffield Mind Services

Counselling & Therapy - This is a free one-to-one service aimed primarily at people with low or no income. Art therapy is available to individuals who have difficulty with traditional communication due to mental health conditions or language barriers.

Support Work Service - Providing practical assistance to people in their homes and community. It supports individuals to maintain better mental health, manage their symptoms and improve confidence so they become more independent and able to support themselves.

Peer Support Groups - For people who experience mental health issues, and who might be transitioning out of services or needing to build confidence and resilience to cope more effectively with the issues they're having.

Keeping Families in Mind - Group and one to one support to the families of serving and veteran armed forces personnel in the SY Region. This helps connect and empower individuals who have been displaced or who struggle with the lifestyle.

Anger Management - A training programme that blends theory and practice to give people the tools and techniques they need to manage their anger and how they respond to stressful triggers.

Magpies - Providing emotional and practical support to people who have issues with hoarding. Staff address the psychological issues that cause compulsive behaviour and work with clients to minimise the risks to physical health that hoarding presents.

The Listening Line - A support line for people struggling with loneliness and isolation resulting from lockdown. Callers are allocated a regular call back, so operators can discuss how they are feeling and provide the advice and support to help them work through issues.


How You Can Help

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, Sheffield Mind has seen an upturn in requests for mental health support. The loss of loved ones, of livelihoods and liberty and have resulted in increased anxiety as people struggle to cope with the new normal and the changes beyond their control. Funding will ensure they have the resources required to respond to need and ensure that everyone needing help has access to it.

This May, in honour of Mental Health Awareness Week, we are delighted to be supporting Sheffield Mind in our charity poll. Cast your vote for them today and help them win 20% of this month's profits!

To find out more, or make a donation to support Sheffield Mind’s work, visit their website:

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